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Bowerman's Blueberries -- Yes, please!

My daughter and I don't agree on everything, but we can agree that Bowerman's Blueberry Farm Market is one of our favorite places. First, they have a huge field of blueberries with U-pick or already packaged. Second, they have blueberry ice cream that is oh so good. Third, they have allergen free baked goods available!

If you are going to a blueberry farm, you either love blueberries, got dragged there by someone, or you are trying to be healthy. These reasons were all a part of our first trip to Bowerman's. We love blueberries. I dragged my family there for something to do, and we try to be healthy, most of the time. But, if I am being honest, the real reason that I took the family to Bowerman's is that I heard it had allergen free baked goods.

My daughter is allergic to peanuts, and do to possible cross contamination issues, she very rarely eats dessert outside of our home. However, Bowerman's carries Kind Crumbs allergy and gluten free desserts - check the freezer section at the store. They have whoopie pies, muffins, donuts, and more! Since Bowerman's does have peanut butter fudge packaged and for sale, we spoke with one of the family members that own Bowerman's and were told this.

The fudge is made in the same kitchen as our donuts, but the equipment is not shared and is made at different times than when making the pies and donuts.

Although we wish that the peanut butter fudge was not made at the store at all (allergy reasons), we do trust the donuts, pies, and ice cream there for our peanut allergic daughter. That being said, we do ask about it each time that we go just in case their cooking and assembly processes have changed. If you are concerned at all, just get the Kind Crumbs items from the freezer. They are really good!

The blueberry ice cream is amazing! My favorite ice cream dessert there is the blueberry parfait -- so good! But, it is the berry pies that my family craves. I have stopped making my own pies and just purchase theirs for family gatherings, and I always get rave reviews!

So, Bowerman's in Holland, Michigan is a winner for us! It would only be better if they decided to move their peanut butter fudge making into a different for thought.

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